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MC3 Design Studio
MC3 Design Studio


Since 2000, Michelle Opperman and MC3 Design Studio have been respected for intelligent integration of architecture and interior design.


Michelle Opperman's extensive international travel informs fastidious historical and design accuracy.  Staying true to simplicity of line and away from clutter, their interior design reflects the owners’ taste, encouraging relaxation in beautiful surroundings that are familiar.
Tranquility drives design, with symmetry allowing the eye to flow seamlessly through space, bringing peace of mind.

Subtle repetition of a chosen design element and color theme promotes
harmony from one room to the next and allows the home a natural flow.
Opperman believes that "age counts", so a collected over time mix of modern art with carefully selected period antique pieces leads to a curated look and is essential to capture the personality of the owner.

In garden design, Michelle Opperman's design philosophy reflects simplicity, using mass plantings and plenty of trees to frame spaces and natural materials for hardscaping extending the living space to outdoor rooms. Two or three complimentary colors for
flowers in cool colors diffuse the heat of the California climate.


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